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The A. Lange & Sohne, Glashutte pocket watch, hunting cased, spring/jumping second pocket watch (movement # 15885, case # 16465) is sought by the Police as a important "stolen" antique/object.
This watch is known to both the German and European Police. It is on the list of important missing "paintings/antiques/works-of-art".

This watch was part of the collection of jewellery and pocket watches stolen in February 2002, from H. Silk owner of The Golden Pendulum, Griesheim (near Darmstadt). A complete list of items taken is on the Police file: 540 Ujs 114152-02.

Some of the missing inventory was recovered by the police in Poland. One individual was sent to prison for selling stolen merchandise. Still missing are this and additional pocket watches, antique and modern gold gem-set jewellery, and a collection of hand-made knives.
Under the German laws, after 10 years the "criminal file" is closed. No one can be prosecuted for this crime after 10 years.

However, the title/ownership of the stolen items remains with the original owner. Just like the situation of paintings taken from Jewish collectors during "national socialist period" in Germany.
Somebody, has waited ten years to offer this watch on the market. They beleived that the title would also be "clean" after the police file was closed. This is not the situation. Today someone is attempting to offer this watch to private collectors.

Be warned! The title on this watch can NEVER be transferred. Do not spend your good money on a stolen watch! Even if you buy this watch in "good faith" or at auction you will never have a clear/clean title.

This watch remains the property of Mr. H. Silk. He can be contacted: info@goldenpendulum.se

Naturally, a reward will be given to the individual who assists in returning the watch.

This "warning" will remain on the INTERNET until the watch is returned.


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