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Tip to clock collectors and dealers.

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Tony Den Hollander
Voorburg, Holland

This clock repair specialist is known for his ability to repair/restore Eureka electric clocks.

What many people may not know, is that when a clock is delivered into the repair shop the owner may never see that clock again.  This collector has been trying to recover a clock delivered at least eight years ago.  

Supposedly, the clock was repaired, but there was another clock in for repair that needed a part.  My clock was taken apart. 
If the piece was copied or simply cannibalized is not known.

What can be confirmed, is that every telephone call, letter, and e-mail receives various delaying tactics.  Excuses include; the clock is still in pieces,  stays in a mental hospital, serious depression, no box to pack the clock in, no interest in packing the clock, and the knowledge the customer lives in another country.

After all these years, it appears extremely unlikely that Tony has any intentions of returning this valuable clock.

It is suggested that every dealer and collector consider that Tony's track record of returning items is very poor.

This announcement will remain on the Internet until this clock is returned.







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