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Arne Pineus 
Stockholms Auction Company
(Gothenburg office) 


An appointment was made for a representative from the Stockholm Auction Company visit and evaluate a collection of antiques to be sold at auction.

The representative, Mr. Arne Pineus, arrived to examine the collection.

After he had left, it was discovered that the handbag and wallet were laying separately on the floor. It appeared extremely strange because the handbag was always placed on a chair. It was very difficult to understand how the the handbag could have fallen from the chair to the floor. Even stranger was the fact that the wallet was also laying on the floor outside of the handbag. Even more astounding was the fact that two €500 notes were missing from the wallet.

Naturally, it is impossible to say what happened. However, there was nobody else in the room. 

This firm would not wish that another person might experience such an uncomfortable situation. Therefore it is recommended that when this representative "visits" that you never leave him alone. Perhaps it would even be better if at least two people are present when he comes to visit.

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